Memberships are open at the Secretary of the Conero Golf Club.
The course will last an hour and will begin at 14.00.

During this first introductory lesson, the basic movements of the golf game will be taught. All material will be provided by the Conero Golf Club: Golf clubs, balls, tees. You just have to go to the Secretariat in comfortable clothing (trousers, sneakers, polo shirts, and possibly sweaters) to get started immediately with Master Alessio !!! The season has just begun. During the year there will be races where all the small champions will face and the best, and the most beloved, next year will be able to participate in the Under 12-Baby National Championships launched by the Italian Golf Federation.

All updates will be posted on the Conero Golf Club website.
We are waiting for you!

All of our guests can relax at the Conero Golf Club and start learning about the magnificent golf game, a sport that allows families to spend whole days together in a relaxing, pleasant environment and in harmony with nature.