These Rules of S.S.D Conero Golf Club Srl intends to regulate the procedures for use of the golf courses and facilities of the club,and to add to the rules contained in the statutes of the same company and that of the Italian Golf Federation. This Regulation is available, For consultation, to all members of the S.C. Conero Golf Club Srl at the secretariat, for the principle of maximum transparency, avoiding any kind of arbitrariness. The Board of Directors reserves the right to modify this Regulation if the need arises.




Anyone who wishes to be part of S.S.D Conero Golf Club Srl, must submit a special affiliate application to the Secretariat, signing a form.
Applications for admission to the Juniores category must be filled out by one of the parents or by their parental authority.
The Board of Directors will decide on the applications for admission of the affiliated aspirants and will take care of the book of affiliates.

The Affiliate, as soon as it has been notified of the acceptance of its application, He will have to pay the membership fee for the current year to the head office. From the day of payment of the above contribution, the affiliate will be able to attend the facility and have access to all services provided by the type of contribution paid.

Affiliates’ categories, admission rules and other common rules are governed by the By-Laws of S.S.D. In Articles 40 to 46.


Affiliation fees in one solution must be paid by January 24 of each year; Any payments should be paid out in the manner that will be established each year by the Board of Directors.
After one month from the date of the failure to complete the payment, The Board of Directors will invite the affiliate to fulfill its obligations to the Club and will have to prohibit its entry into the facility until the payment is done.
The individual contribution of F.I.G. must be paid together with the membership fee.


Access to the Head Office is reserved:

– affiliates in good standing with the affiliation contribution payments;
– To the invitees of the affiliates if they have regular permissions;
– To members of other clubs, in accordance with the payment of the agreed quotas;
– To players who pay the green fee. Payment of entry fees Is specified for each service: Access to the trails, to the driving range, the swimming pool and the tennis courts;
– To the children of affiliates up to the age of 10, provided they are accompanied by the parent;

The Board of Directors has the right to allow free attendance of the club to authorities and personalities, Which are considered of particular prestige for the Club itself, to which a temporary accommodation card is reserved.
The opening and closing hours of the Head Office are periodically established by the Board of Directors.


Tennis and Swimming Pool
Each affiliate has the right to invite, under his / her responsibility, family members for a temporary attendance of the club by following the this provisions:

– Annual invitations are limited to a maximum of 10 per affiliate.
– The same person can be invited up to 5 times during the same year.
– Invitations involve an entry fee charged by the inviting affiliate according to what the Board of Directors has established.
-Any request for an invitation must be submitted to the Secretariat by specifying a day, type of invitation and the name of the guest.
– Payment will be made in the Secretariat.
-The invited will be likened to the category of the affiliated invitant.


– And ‘it is forbidden to smoke in all premises of Conero Golf Club, including driving range and two golf courses, the executive and the 18-hole course.

– It is strictly forbidden to introduce animals in the Head Office and within the areas of the structure.

– All cars should be parked in the respective spaces.

– The club assumes no responsibility for damage or theft of personal objects and other movable property owned by affiliates and / or their invited guests which are introduced in the Circle, or that they are kept in locker room.

– The affiliate is responsible for damages to things, to the equipment,to the furniture and to the club staff, that are provoked by the person or his guests.

– All affiliates are required to respect the established opening hours and closure of the Headquarters and related services.

– All affiliates are required to sign up and register in secretarial before doing any kind of activity or before taking any type of service.

– Affiliates who do not comply with the rules of the Regulations are subject to the disciplinary sanctions referred to in the paragraph “Disciplinary Measures”.


Club House
is mandatory attendance in decent clothes. The “soft spikes” are mandatory .
E’ consentito sostare con la tenuta da golf completa, in ordine e asciutta nei locali adiacenti la Segreteria.

Game Room
In the TV rooms and the room in which it is practiced playing cards smoking is forbidden.
In the Social Headquarters Gambling is forbidden.

TV room
Smoking is forbidden.

1) S. S. Conero Golf Club Srl requires that all players have a maximum handicap of 36, both for men and for ladies, to access the 18-hole course. Access to the executive field does not need HCP. For the Apprentice golfer, who still does not have the gambling handicap but has passed the rules exam, access to the 18-hole course can only happen if accompanied by affiliates in possession of handicap and has the approval of the master; While access to the executive field requires only the permission of the master. For non-affiliates, who pay the green fee and do not have Hcp, Access to the championship course can take place after the player’s actual capacity is verified, through a statement of the relevant Circle of Origin. Access to field must be still with the accompaniment of persons in possession of handicap. All players must be in possession of the card F.IG. (Italian Golf Federation), Which attests the player’s association to one of the Italian clubs.

2) Players must go to the Conero Golf Club Secretariat-Reception before the start of the 18-hole course and the executive course.

3)Players are invited to be punctual.

4)Departures are fixed every 10 minutes and must be formed, during periods of overcrowding, 4 players. The single player will be allowed to play at the discretion of the secretary or will be paired with other players. The tee times must be reserved preferably by phone at 071/7360613; Alternatively by e-mail at, or by fax at 071/7360380.

5)Players are encouraged to keep the tag / badge of the membership card or green-fee well in evidence on the bag..

6) The rental of golf cart, cart (If not included in the membership card or in their annual subscriptions) and any sticks, Must be paid separately before the entrance to the path.

7)Players need to adopt a dress code to the fees required for the game of golf. It is forbidden to wear necklace, undershirts and jeans.
8)It is the responsibility of the Secretariat to allow or not to use the golf cart, in relation to the conditions of the route. Use of the golf cart is allowed up to two people per cart and is forbidden for children under 16.

9) In case of bad weather or reconstruction and maintenance of golf courses, The agility of these will be established by the Technical Department. The personnel must strictly enforce these provisions.
Any offender will be reported to the Board of Directors. The Circle does not take any responsibility for any accidents that may occur, for unauthorized access to the fields declared unusable.

10)Access to the driving range can be done after registering at the secretary of the Conero Golf Club.

11) All reservations regarding the lessons with the teacher must be made through the master’s phone or directly. Lessons must be made within 24 hours of the reservation.In the event that the cancellation does not take place in due time, except for justified reasons, the absence of each partner does not exempt from paying the same.

Swimming pool area
The pool area is available to the affiliates of their guests according to the membership fee paid, according to the schedule established by the management.
– It is forbidden to enter the pool area outside the established time and in particular in the absence of surveillance personnel.
– It is obligation to shower and wear the headset before entering into the water.
– It is forbidden to enter the tub with sweaty body or with oily or oily substances.
– In the pool area you can only go with the swimsuit bathrobe with sandals or clogs.
– No card games are allowed in the pool area, nor ball games, nor shouting or behaviors that may disturb others. It is also forbidden to take with you balloons, radios and games of various nature.
– It is forbidden to swim in apnea and any depth exercise in water.
– In the pool area it is forbidden to eat.
– Drinking is only allowed with glasses and plastic bottles.
– Outside the pool area is forbidden to circulate in swimsuit. It is mandatory to wear the bathrobe in the section of the dressing room.
– Access to the swimming pool for children under 10 years of age is prohibited unless accompanied by a family member or senior. Excluded, however, babysitter or family helpers. The Club, however, declines any responsibility that may arise from the presence in the pool area of unaccompanied minors of 10 years. IMinors attending the pool under full responsibility of their parents or legal guardian.
– Whoever, in the use of the pool, did not comply with the elementary rules of hygiene, it will be proposed for the immediate expulsion.
– In the limit of the pool crowding, invitations are mainly referred to close relatives. And staff decide, with the approval of the Board.
– Each affiliate is responsible for the behavior of their guests that must accompany after having provided the invitation in the appropriate register.
– The guests are, however, required to comply with the provisions of art. 4 of this Regulation.
– The pool staff is obliged to comply strictly with all the requirements of this Regulation as well as all safety standards and hygienic requirement and use related to the operation of the pool. Any breach will be reported by the employees to the Board of Directors.
– The club does not take any responsibility for the objects or values of the bathers that may be missing.
-Affiliates and their guests are required to respect the opening and closing hours of the pool,
periodically established by the Board of Directors, communicated through notices posted on the bulletin board.

Tennis courts
The use of tennis courts is reserved for affiliates and golfers who pay the green fee. Reservations must be made at the Conero Golf Club Secretariat.
– The cost of the game quota is periodically established by the Board of Directors and communicated to the Affiliates through a notice posted on the bulletin board.
– The duration of each turn is 60 minutes for double and 50 minutes for the single.
– At the time of assignment, the physical presence of all affiliated applicants is compulsory.
– In the case of contemporary requests, those of the affiliates who have not played in the day have precedence.
– If affiliated applicants are not present on the fixed time, They will lose the right to use the field for that turn. No right of precedence for subsequent shifts.
– In the event of particular affluence and low availability of fields, we will address the sensitivity of the affiliates to dispatch double matches.
– No physical presence is required for booking. Upon entry into the field the affiliate is required to pay to the staff members the booking fee set by the Board of Directors. Failure to attend the affiliate does not surpass the payment of the booking fee.
– To enter the playgrounds, the tennis uniform is compulsory.
– The shoes should have the sole suitable for synthetic grass fields (Without heels, rods or spikes of any kind).
– It is forbidden to play shirtless or in vest.
– In case of bad weather or renovation and maintenance of the tennis courts, the use of these will be established by the Technical Department. The personnel must strictly enforce these provisions. Any breach will be reported by the employees to the Board of Directors. The Club does not take any responsibility for any accidents that may occur, For the unauthorized use of the fields declared unfit for use.

Dressing room
In general, good hygiene standards should be observed And good order of personal belongings. For the use of the showers are obliged to wear appropriate non-slip slippers. Smoking in the changing rooms is prohibited.Affiliates are required to respect the timetables.

Lockers and storage bag
The affiliate will be able to use the lockers in the dressing room and the bag stores, compatible with availability and prior payment.
All affiliates have the opportunity to take advantage of these services by paying annually, If not included in the affiliate’s contribution,The contribution established by the Board of Directors, in a single solution and with the same terms and conditions of payment provided for membership fees.
The use of lockers is limited to sports clothing and that of the bag storage is limited to only sports equipment. The use of the bag deposit must take place after authorization of the Custodian.


a) The Board of Directors, after verifying the Disciplinary Commission, determines with respect to the affiliates, who have been liable for failures against S.S.D. Conero Golf Club Srl or its organs or employees, or have caused any material or moral damages to them, or who have violated the By-Laws or regulations, such as the Internal Rules of Procedure, the following disciplinary sanctions:. Ammonition, fixed-term suspension, fines, radiation from the Circle.
b) In case of emergency, the President of S.S.D or in his absence the managing director, always after the inspection of the Disciplinary Commission, may adopt the immediate and provisional suspension measure, which is effective until the Board of Directors’ resolution, referred to in point a).

c) The Disciplinary Commission appointed pursuant to Article.51 dello Statuto S.S.D. Conero Golf Club Srl, has jurisdiction to undertake such inspections and investigations relating to offenses committed by affiliates.In the case of Juniores affiliates the contest is also made to the parent or who takes their place. The Disciplinary Commission shall decide after hearing the parties concerned, any witnesses and after having conducted the necessary investigations. The decision must be made in writing and deposited at the Secretariat of the Conero Golf Club; A copy of it must be notified to the interested parties by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Against the action taken, the affiliate may appeal to the Second Instance Disciplinary Commission within 15 days of receipt.Until the decision of the Second Instance Commission, the effects of the measure remain suspended, unless the Commission of first instance has declared it provisionally enforceable. The Commission for Discipline of second instance decides on appeals to the Commission measures Discipline of first instance and its decisions are final. The same should be displayed on the notice board and notified to the interested parties by registered letter with return receipt. The measure, which communicates disciplinary sanctions, is made public only and exclusively within the Social Welfare Area and to the extent strictly indispensable for its final execution.

d) The type of punishment and the amount of fines are determined by the Disciplinary Committee depending on the severity of the fact.

e) The affiliated contributions will not be reimbursed for the membership fees corresponding to the suspension period; While the affiliate radiated the contribution is counted until the semester during which the radiation takes place.

f) The radiant affiliate It can not be readmitted as part of the Circle, Nor be invited to social rooms for any reason or title. His name is communicated to F.I.G(Italian Golf Federation).


All communications to affiliates are done, in general, by placing bulletin boards. The Chief Executive Officer must enforce the rules of this regulation, Under the directives given by the Board of Directors. Affiliates must refrain from attending the staff and collaborators of the Circle, instructions of any kind. Any relief should be made through the managing director. Affiliates, in the interest and respect of their own and others, are required to maintain order and decorum in the environments they attend.