In the spirit and in the essence of the Golf Rules, in order to safeguard the path that is common heritage, to protect the smooth running of the game and personal safety of any individual or frequenter, will be subject to disciplinary measures the following offenses :

Intemperance in behavior (throwing sticks, foul language, screams on the path)
Not repairing pitch-marks on the green
Not leveling with the sand rake of bunkers
Not repairing the zolle
Passage with cart or golf carts on tees or on avantgreens and in those parts of the route where the warning signs will prohibit the transit
Dangerous play
Not respecting starting order
Not suitable clothing
Practicing on the route
Not participating in the race without prior and timely notification to the secretariat
Using the driving range balls on the path
Playing slow
Playing without permission or reservation

Each player is invited to observe the above in the race as well as in the conventional rounds of practice.
It is highly appreciated that everyone will be able to report any third party offenses to the Secretary, the Race Committee, the Marshall or the members of the Sports Committee.
The aforementioned persons are not obliged to challenge the infringement immediately to the parties concerned.

Any infraction will result in a written warning
At the second call, the member will be suspended from the game for a weekend
At the third call, the Member will be suspended for one week
At the fourth call, the Member will be referred to the Disciplinary Commission of the 1st instance.

The disciplinary measures due to the listed offenses will be posted on the bulletin board.
We remind everyone, as mentioned above, it is in the interest of all the members and guests that the game is enjoyable, safe and smooth.